Iran’s Government Warns of Counterfeit Dollar Bills in Country

Iran's Government Warns of Counterfeit Dollar Bills in Country

An official of Iran’s police, Mehdi Aboui, warned of the existent of counterfeit Dollar bills in Iran’s free market and he advised people to be more heedful in buying Dollar bills from dealers.

“Currently Iranian importers and exporters don’t transfer money physically from one country to another. So no bills coming to Iran from abroad and the number of current Dollar bills must remain same. In this case, counterfeit Dollar bills have been trafficked into the country.” Mehdi Aboui said.

He didn’t mention to the estimated number of current counterfeit bills by saying: “Since this is an illegal activity, there is not any estimation about the number of these bills and moneys but people must be careful about them.”

“In one of our operations in Tehran we have found $1 million of counterfeit Dollar bills from a dealer. However its source had nothing to do with certified and confirmed exchangers.” Mehdi Aboui added.

The exchange rate of Dollar against Iranian Rials has been increased dramatically in the country and this has aggravated the relative crimes.

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