Iran’s MP: People are Waiting for New Messages

Iranian lawmaker Hossein Mozaffar

The next presidential election in Iran is scheduled to be held on the next Persian year and the rumors about nominees and their plans have been spread between politicians in Iran. This election is very important for the nation because at the moment the country is under hard sanctions and people are suffering from high inflation rate. Iranian lawmaker Hossein Mozaffar believes people are waiting to hear the new messages from candidates.

“Nominees for this major post must elaborate all the internal and external dimensions of their plans for managing the country. I think people will continue support to Islamic Republic and most of them will vote on this election.” said Hossein Mozaffar, Tehran representative to Majlis.

“The upcoming election is more sensitive for the country. Improving the livelihood of people and solving their problems must be the main intentions of candidates.”

According to other reports and interviews, conservative parties have better chance in compare to reformist groups to win this election and some analysts believe the main challenge is between hardliner parties close to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei the Supreme Leader of Iran.

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