Iran’s Pasargad Bank Offers Virtual Card For The First Time

For the first time in Iran, Pasargad bank offered and innovated Virtual Card services for its clients.

According to public relation of the bank, Khosro Rafie, the head of PR department and CEO supervisor, announced this news by saying: “We have innovated and launched Pasargad’s Virtual Card for our clients in order to maximize their protection and safety in their internet deals and purchases. These cards are virtual and they will be issued in the name of the account holder.”

“The most important trait of these cards is protecting buyers in online trades. Customers can top up their virtual cards for the certain amount of money and redeem them in online gateways. By doing this job they will not put the main debit or credit cards on risk.” He added.

“Currently there are not any limits of the quantity for these cards and costumers can buy as many virtual cards as they need.” He continued.

Recently the number of online phishing pages has been increased dramatically in order to thieve the sensitive information of debit and credit cards.

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