Iran’s Police Criticizes Mobile Operators

Iran's Police Criticizes Mobile Operators

Iran’s police criticized mobile operators over selling prepaid SIM cards. According to the statistics revealed by Iran’s police, the crimes related to prepaid SIM cards have increased dramatically. Police believes mobile operators do not gather exact information about the buyer’s identity when selling these SIM cards.

“Now the number one choice tool for scammers is prepaid SIM cards. Mobile operators and their agents don’t ask for precise information about the buyer. So they can use these SIM cards anonymously. However operators changed their terms of services recently but still we see infringements from their agents when selling these cards.” Colonel Mehrdad Omidi said.

“Currently we have over 70 million activated SIM cards in Iran and 43 million of them are prepaid SIM cards. We recommended operators to change their regulations for selling prepaid SIM cards in order to gather exact information from purchasers. So this may reduce the number of the related crimes.” Colonel Mehrdad Omidi added.

In September 2010 the penetration rate was estimated at 91.9% over a population estimate of 77.9 million. Mobile Telecommunication Company of Iran (MCI), MTN Irancell and Taliya are the top three mobile operators in Iran.

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