Iraq Decided to Increase Oil Exporting Through Turkey

Iraqi governments ratified the solution of Iraqi Oil Ministry to increase oil exporting through Turkey and reduce the volume of exporting through Hormoz strait .

Iran recently threatened other countries to close the Hormoz strait if United States applies more sanctions on this country over its controversial nuclear program .

According to the reports , Oil Ministry of Iraq is going to make pipelines to increase the amount of oil exporting through Turkey soil instead of Hormoz strait .

EU has decided to stop importing crude oil from Iran until July 2012 . Also United States is negotiating with China and India in order to persuade them to not buy and import Iran crude oil .

“We are going to increase the capacity of oil exporting from Turkey . Because if Iran decides to close the strait , the volume of our exports will be reduced to 80%” Spokesman of Iraq government announced .

“Iran and United States should stop raising tensions in region .” He said .

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