Is Apple Planing An All-Aluminum iPhone?

Is Apple Planing An All-Aluminum iPhone?

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Minimalistic, lustrous and slender designs are characteristics that Apple is famous for.
Extra space that currently goes unused in the iPhone & iPad could come to an end as Apple gets granted a new patent.

The new patent granted today to the Cupertino corporation by the USPTO depicts something referred to as “microslot antennas,” the new invention uses case materials to channel wireless radio and cellular antennas directly into the case, in theory this innovation could decrease the size of interior components of the iPhone and iPad.

According to experts the new phone’s housing would be integrated with a sequence of minuscule slots which would operate as antennae, as long as a conductive material is used to make the case. We believe that Apple will opt for aluminum as the main component of the housings, if you are an Apple fan you probably know they like aluminum.

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