Is bigger really better when it comes to TV?

Is bigger really better when it comes to TV?

For  the low- low price of  just $10,999.99-that’s right they seriously added the 99 cents- you can be the envy of all your friends when Sharp’s newest mega TV hits the market.  With a 90-inch screen it may just be the largest LED high-def television to come along.  That’s something that would definitely add some wow factor to your next party or for viewing the game.

Sharp is well known for taking things to the edge when it comes to home electronics and the newest addition to their Aqous line is no exception.  The recently unveiled monster screen stands 48 inches tall and is 6.8 feet across.  Despite being of such monstrous proportions, the new Aqous weighs in at less than 150 pounds and about five inches thick.  Not bad for such a huge addition to your living room. All you have to do is move everything off the wall opposite the couch!

Consumer Reports noted after just a quick review that Sharp was definitely setting a record for TV screen sizes. Not surprising with their past record setting with 60, 70 and 80 inch sets that grabbed a pretty sizeable chunk of the market. While Sharp has done well overall with consumer ratings of their monster sets, there is a slight drawback of relatively narrow viewing angles.

So if you’re the kind that has the room and the budget for what could easily so far be the world’s largest TV—would you pop for the $11,000 price tag?  Well, Sharp execs state that the new 90” Aqous does offer picture quality and smart functionality along with the humongous size that can’t be found anywhere else. Sure- why be subtle about it? I mean when you’re rolling out the biggest sized TV for this class of TVs why go for the understatement?

The press release for the new over-sized Aqous compares its ultra-high-def visuals to standing at the edge of a cliff, looking over the edge getting ready to leap. Your heart pounds as you leap over the edge, realizing as you get to the bottom, you’re still sitting on your living room couch with popcorn spilled everywhere. That’s the kind of High-def experience Sharp claims viewers will have when watching the new Aqous 90-inch (diagonal) AQUOS LED TV

Wow—why spend the $11 grand for a nice family trip to actually see the Grand Canyon when you can view it at practically life size in High-def in the comfort of your own living room?



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