Islamists Occupied The Consulate of Algeria in Mali

Witnesses said the Islamic militants occupied the consulate of Algeria in the northeast city of Gao on Thursday. They held the ancestral black flag and number of Algerian diplomats were next to them.

One of these witnesses from Bamako said by telephone: “I was in front of the Algerian consulate in Gao while the Islamist militants came to the consulate and arrested diplomats, staff and pulled down the Algerian flag then hoisted their own flag.” He added that the Islamists “Are scattered about Alguenlsh most of them black.”

“I was standed near the consulate at the time. I sew armed black skin men came around the consulate and entered into the location. They raised a black flag bears inscriptions in Arabic instead of the Algerian flag.” Another witnesses reported.

The Tuareg rebels and the Islamists declared that “the movement ended the occupation of each financial Gao region through the acquisition of the city and control it on Saturday.”

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