It’s the End of the Road for Windows XP

Windows XP

Even with two upgraded operating systems available in Windows 7 and Windows 8, the beloved Windows XP operating system is still getting love from users. Unfortunately, Windows XP only has one year of support left from Microsoft. From Microsoft’s Windows fact sheet, the end of mainstream support was in April 2009, but next year ends the extended support for the operating system. After that users who are more comfortable with Windows XP—including yours truly even though I’ve come to accept Windows 7—will have to scuttle along to Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Microsoft would really like for users to jump on to Windows 8 as it hasn’t been too hot lately and users are still hanging around XP and Windows 7…and the elusive Windows 2000/ME holdouts. Hey there could even be some extremely stubborn users who say “Windows 95 or nothin’! Get your Windows 2000 outta here!” These are probably the same users who love Netscape Navigator and won’t bother with Firefox, Chrome, Opera, or Safari. “It’s Netscape or nothin’! Get your colorful browsers outta here!”

Windows 8 has found some success among gamers going by Steam’s OS chart, but Windows 7 still remains the favorite. There are users in business environments that really hang on to Windows XP due to the reliability of the software as well as general familiarity. Moving to Windows 7 and at least a handful of guinea pigs with a low amount of work test out how their business could run with Windows 7 could’ve helped the move to that OS, there’s going to be some grumblings for having to upgrade to the new OS.

Without a doubt Windows XP had a beast of a 12 year run where barely anyone had anything bad to say about the OS. While there were a few grumblings about moving to it early on, it become the most beloved OS Windows released. If you still use Windows XP—or older, we know there’s a few of you out there—will you move on to Windows 7 or Windows 8? If you’re already on Windows 7 which did you prefer more: Windows 7 or Windows XP? Are you considering Windows 8?

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