It’s The Final Countdown: Xbox One Launches At Midnight

It's The Final Countdown: Xbox One Launches At Midnight

For Microsoft and Xbox fans, things have just gotten serious. The clock is ticking down to the launch of the $499 Xbox One in the U.S and worldwide in twelve other countries. People have been lined up outside local gaming stores for hours for the midnight release.

Last weekend the $399 Sony PlayStation 4 blasted out of the gates selling one million in 24 hours in the U.S. Going into its launch the PlayStation 4 had a wave of momentum coming from this year’s E3, hot advertising, and the view my a vocal online community that the Xbox One was anti-gamer and anti-consumer.

Meanwhile the Microsoft has had to deal with some dismal PR moves, the aforementioned stigma, and still attempt to paint the Xbox One as worth the price tag as its $100 more than the PS4 and $200 more than the Wii U.

Despite this, many see the Xbox One selling extremely well once the clock hits midnight. Microsoft’s plan of attack is to hit multiple countries at once as opposed to Sony’s plan of just testing North America and making sure other key market Japan’s launch wasn’t rushed with titles that wouldn’t be strong in that market.

In addition to a full on attack on launch locations, the Microsoft has also dropped a lot of the features that left a bad taste in potential buyers’ mouths such as the complex sharing procedure and tying games to consoles.

The home entertainment console allows for broadcast television, viewing movies, Netflix, and more. Microsoft also has a deal with NFL to showcase the week’s games alongside fantasy football.

In the third generation of the Xbox console, there’s more emphasis on actually having Kinect be an important part of your Xbox experience this time around.

One of the downsides to Xbox One’s launch will be the launch titles. There aren’t many heavy hitters with most titles being onesl that are available on last generation consoles.

That said, it’s best to either keep your Xbox 360 and catch up on titles you haven’t played while titles roll in during the Xbox One’s launch window, wait to pick up an Xbox One, or make sure you really want an Xbox One and know that there might be something of a drought—unless you’re a fan of FPS of course.

You should also know that there will be some bricked consoles and issues out of the gate—including online functionality. It will largely be the same issues as PS4 and Wii U’s launches.

Also, remember that the Xbox One will be available at more than just game stores and online. Big name stores such as Walmart, Best Buy, and so on will be offering the Xbox One and it’s likely that those will have some extras left. If you preordered ahead of time you should be fine if you’re already in line.

Will you be picking up the Xbox One at launch or wait during the launch window period? Have you decided to go with PlayStation 4 or Wii U early in the generation? Let us know below.

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