iWatch on the horizon?

iWatch on the horizon?

While smartwatches are certainly not w new concept, just imagine if you could have a watch that not only did the usual watch things but would also let you handle email, book a table at your favorite restaurant AND let you leave you phone in your pocket. Sound impossible?  Not if the rumors floating around are half-way true as to the latest techno-gee whiz coming from Apple.

If Apple can re-invent the phone-why not reinvent the watch?  Just think, not only would you be able to customize your calendar and alarms but you could sync it with your iPhone to display just about any information you need.

While to most people a watch this smart might seem a bit like something “Q” would issue to Bond, it’s really not that farfetched.  There are already a few “smart watches” on the market, but to date they’ve not been widely successful and they really don’t look that great either.  So what advice should Apple take to make the iWatch a better choice?  Here are a few suggestions they might want to keep in mind:

  • Make it slimmer, less bulky and not over complicated. Remember, you made a super cool looking phone—keep that in mind when making the watch. Watches are fashion statements after all.
  • Give it user-monitoring features. If your iPhone can track your work out, heartbeat and respiration, make the watch do it as well. This would be a great advantage since one wouldn’t have to drag their phone along to keep up with this info. Maybe even go a bit further with blood pressure, blood sugar and body mass index?
  • Give it a long lasting battery. Most people who wear a watch are quite used to plugging it up to charge.  At least, not at first. Since most watches are worn pretty much every day for hours at a time, how about a battery we only have to charge maybe once a week? Or use a kinetic energy system that will keep the battery charged when the watch is worn?
  • Don’t over complicate things. Watch wearers don’t like a lot of buttons or useless feature.  We want info at a glance without having to do a lot of swiping.
  • Give it some great apps. Simple yet full featured apps are great.  When it comes to watches, “less is more”.

Can Apple make a truly functional smart watch? Time will tell.



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