CEO Jack Dorsey To Call For Layoffs At Twitter Next Week

CEO Jack Dorsey To Call For Layoffs At Twitter Next Week

Monday saw Jack Dorsey announced as the permanent CEO of Twitter. As is usually the case with new CEOs coming in—or returning CEOs in Dorsey’s case—layoffs are usually the first thing and that seems to be the case here.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Is For Extending Tweets

It’s said for years that Twitter has too many employees for it to run effectively. Between 2013 and 2015 the company went from 2,000 during second quarter of 2013 to over 4,000 last quarter. The argument here is that the growth in the social network’s user base doesn’t warrant the growth in employees.

That isn’t to say this means there is simply excess employees doing nothing, but Twitter is looking to trim things down and restructure things anyway. According to Re/code the layoffs will happen next week with most of the company’s departments being included in that wave of firings.

The layoffs also come at a time when the company is looking to make Twitter more diverse. While this surely isn’t the sole reason for trimming the company’s numbers down, it would assist in this task while not piling on top of a heavy roster of employees. It’s likely that the layoffs are a standard case of clearing house to make thing run more smoothly.

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