Japan Opens World’s Tallest Tower

Japan opened the world’s tallest tower on Thursday, after a delay of two months against the backdrop of the devastating earthquake that hit the country a year ago, causing a delay in the arrival of supplies .

The tower which is called the “Tree of Heaven” officially became the highest tower in the world, with height of up to 600 meters above the ground, but it is less than about 200 meters from the tallest building made of human beings, “Tower Khalifa”, which is difficult for the Dubai skyline, up 830 meters, but it is the first type of non-residential towers .

Tower “Tree of Heaven” commissioned its construction more than 65 billion Yen (more than 806 million Dollars) will be used primarily for broadcasting television and radio channels, as well as it contains a huge aquarium, and the academic institute .

The tower has observation deck for tourists on the stomach Artvain, first platform 350 meters high, and the second platform, up 450 meters, includes a number of restaurants and cafes .

According to the official reports of the contracting company, which carried out construction, the tower has built a strong and flexible, with the use of another what has been reached of materials technology and architecture in the construction process, which would enable the tower to withstand earthquake measuring 8 degrees on the Richter scale .

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