Justin.TV Closed After Seven Years, Full Focus On Twitch

Justin.TV Closed After Seven Years, Full Focus On Twitch

Earlier this year there was news of Google being interested in bring Twitch into the YouTube fold. While developments had been slow, it was reported by Venture Beat that Google acquired the company for $1 billion late last month. Nothing has been confirmed on that front.

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Once a subcategory of “Video Games” under Justin.tv’s “Entertainment” category, Twitch has grown to become a might force in live broadcasting. This left Justin.tv for everything else under the sun. While there was a larger variety of things to watch on Justin.tv, Twitch still managed to dwarf it in popularity and value.

With Twitch becoming much more popular, the brand up as the parent company over Justin.tv in February. As live broadcasting of video games becoming such a beast, Twitch has decided to close JTV.

“Twitch is now the focus of the company’s resources. Unfortunately that means we need to shut down Justin.tv,” the company said in a statement.

Users will be allowed to transfer their accounts over to Twitch, but videos and archived broadcasts won’t transfer over. Twitch also made sure to state that the site is just for gaming content and anything else wouldn’t be allowed.

As expected mobile apps for Justin.tv will no longer work. Turbo, the premium accounts for Justin.tv and Twitch will work as they always have. Twitch has given users until September 5 to make the transition.

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