Kenshin Update Brings More Cloud Storage and YouTube Live Streaming To PS4

Kenshin Update Brings More Cloud Storage and YouTube Live Streaming To PS4

The upcoming Kenshin update—version 3.00 system update—for PlayStation 4 will see a few changes for the console with the two main areas of the update being storage and streaming.

YouTube Gaming Is Live

One of the two big updates is limited to PS Plus members as cloud storage picks up a huge bump from 1GB to 10GB. Everything else related to the storage update is minor as there will be a usage meter and an Auto Upload menu for Application Saved Data Management.

The other big update is for everyone and that’s live streaming to YouTube. Previously it was just to Twitch, but with YouTube’s main site including 60fps streaming and now the gaming centric YouTube Gaming site and app Sony has gone ahead and given players more options to stream on.

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The rest of the Kenshin updates are more on the social side of things. Users can create communities for PS4 users with similar interest, have favorite groups, and share content on Twitter in 10 second max video clips. Straddling the fence between notifications and social is the Events hub for notifications of special and seasonal events on PSN, official shows, and promotions.

Outside of the major and notable updates, users can expect the often vague “stability” updates in Kenshin.


SOURCE: Playstation Blog

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