Killed 28 People Including 22 Children in a Road Accident in Switzerland

Killed 28 people , including 22 children on Tuesday evening when their bus had an accident in Canton Valley , Southern Switzerland , according to the announcements from local news agencies .

The agencies reported the bus was registered in Belgium , and was traveling in the direction of Sion when deviated for some reason not yet known and struck the edge of the tunnel is located between the eastern and western directors of Sier .

The bus was carrying 52 passengers who were students came from Flanders where they spent the holiday on their way to return to Belgium . Drivers were killed in the accident and the injured people were transported to four hospitals in the Valley .

According to preliminary information of this incident , it is considered the most dangerous accident Switzerland witnessed a road accident in its history .

One of the officials from local police said in the press conference held early this morning it is the tragedy of “unprecedented” , adding that even the rescue teams were shocked.

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