Killing 8 And Wounding 5 in The Armed Clashes in Western Libya

Medical officials in Libya announced that 8 people were killed and 5 others wounded on the background of the armed clashes that took place between the residents of Ghadames west of the country and an armed group from outside on Wednesday.

The spokesman of the General Staff Colonel on the national senile said in a statement to the Libyan News Agency, that the clashes took place earlier in the day in the city of Ghadames, near the border with Tunisia and Algeria have stopped after the army intervened and took control of the situation.

The senile that reconciliation committees began to make contacts with all parties to address what happened and to do its part to heal the rift as it was in other regions.

The number of regional clashed has been increased in Libya in recent months where kept the rebels who fought for the overthrow of Colonel late Muammar Gaddafi with their weapons and often try to impose their local communities.

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