Labor Violations In China Prove To Be A Problem For Apple Supplier

Labor Violations In China Prove To Be A Problem For Apple

For a good portion of the year, China has proven to be a large problem for large technology companies. If it wasn’t regulatory issues it was rumor and concern of government secrets. In this case, Apple is dealing with labor violations coming from one of their suppliers in Suqian.

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Catcher Technology handles aluminum cases for Apple products. China Labor Watch and Green America have run an investigation into the supplier and found 22 labor violations. The investigation was drawn from around 100 interviews with workers and a mole of sorts.

Some of the violations include workers performing overtime hours nearing 100 hours a month when it comes to some workers, instances of improper disposal of toxic chemicals, payment issues and workers doing dangerous tasks without proper training to name a few.

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Prior to this investigation, China Labor Watch found that Catcher Technology was violating several of the same safety and worker regulations over a year ago. According to the agency, Catcher has only gotten worse in its violations. As expected in these cases, Apple is said to be currently looking into the accusations and will pay a visit to the Catcher factory next month.

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