Laptop Imports Reduced by 27% in Iran

Iran's Laptop Imports

Laptop imports in Iran have been reduced by 27% due to high fluctuations of exchange rate. Dollar exchange rate in Iran is not stable and it’s being sold from 30,000 Rials to 50,000 Rials in free market. Because of the similar problems, Iranian importers have reduced their laptop imports.

According to the statistics revealed by Iran Customs, local importers have imported laptops weight 1320 tons and value to $176 million during the first five months of the new Persian year. The major source of imports is UAE which holds 90% of Iran’s laptops market share. Laptops imports were used to increase by 50% in last year but the recent fluctuations of exchange rate caused a severe deduction.

Meanwhile Hamidreza Ghomi, The General Secretary of Iran NSR, warns of the existent of fake laptops in market. He believes the current conditions encourage traffickers to smuggle fake and unknown brands to Iran and this will disturb the local market. “Notebooks and iPhones were becoming one of the necessary tools and household items in Iran. But the exchange rate fluctuations have reduced the demand. So importing the new gadgets and laptops doesn’t have justifiable profit for sellers and importers.” Hamidreza Ghomi says.

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