Lebanon 1-0 Iran, Iranians Angry with Carlos Queiroz

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Lebanon 1-0 Iran, Iranians Angry with Carlos Queiroz

Iran’s head coach Carlos Queiroz feels more pressure after the recent loss to Lebanon in World Cup qualifier in Beirut Tuesday.

Captain Roda Antar scored the only goal of the match in the first half after receiving a cross from Mohammad Haidar in the 28th minute. This was the first goal of Lebanon national football team against Iran. For the rest of the game, Iranians made some opportunities but they failed to score any goal. Lebanon goalkeeper Abbas Hassan also experienced good time in the game and he saved some chances from Iranian forwards. However he received a yellow card from Chinese referee Hai Tan for time wasting.

Currently Iranians are angry with Carlos Queiroz over the recent results of Team Melli. This was the 18th match of Carlos Queiroz as the head coach of Iran national football team. During this spell his side won 9 games and lost 2. Iran has won only one game in the recent 6 matches. Some experts believe Carlos Queiroz is a great coach for assistant title and he should not continue his work as the head coach. They say his failures in Real Madrid and Portugal prove their claim.

“I am in good condition.” Carlos Queiroz replied to a question about his future in Iran during the press conference held after the match.

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