Business Picks Up For Lime and Bike-Scooter Share Companies

Business Picks Up For Lime and Bike-Scooter Share Companies

One way to get a bunch of people on board with something is to tell them it’s cheaper than what they’ve been doing. Of course, you also have to take into the account the city. Which scooter-share startup Lime probably did a year ago.

According to Lime, it has given 6 million rides on its bikes and scooters since 2017. That’s massive considering there were around 100,000 bikes in use by this part of the ride-sharing industry at the end of 2017. Around 44-percent of these bikes were dockless, according to a report from the National Association of Transportation Officials.

It has a been a big year for Lime which recently reeled in $335 million from a number of tech giants. The bike and e-scooter sharing industry as a whole has drawn attention from these same companies and other ride-sharing companies. Last month it was announced that Lyft and Uber (under the Jump brand) were seeking to join the San Francisco scooter and bike-share pilot program.

Since bike-sharing and scooter-sharing are affordable options, the industry has seen growth in larger cities that also offer strong public transit.

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