Linksys routers now smarter for home networks

Linksys routers now smarter for home networks

Cisco recently announced that they are rolling out a new expanded Linksys Smart Wi-Fi product line. The announcement came at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show that the router industry leader’s products will have an all-around smarter home configuration with the new wireless units.

The new configurations include new Smart Wi-Fi routers and a compact USB adapter with new apps and features. Reports indicate that the way the Cisco-owned Linksys routers will be designed and framed indicate that the smarter home configurations seem to be centered around making multi-media transfers easier and more quickly accessible all while being managed from both desktop and mobile device interfaces.

The three new wireless routers are designed to support hi-def streaming on a wide array of devices from smartphones to smart TV’s. Depending on the model wireless router, home owners can connect anywhere from three to ten devices on dual bands of 2.4 GHZ and 5GHZ that are capable of Wi-Fi speeds ranging from 300Mbps to 13Mbps. Beyond having 802.11ac technology, Linksys has focused on giving the routers programming that will simply transferring content. How so?  By giving the units Gigabit Ethernet and USB 3.0 ports that allow quick and easy connections for flash drive, hard drives and other devices. This new quick and easy transfer system makes it a snap to transfer information between any devices connected to the user’s network. Linksys has sped up the transfer speeds and boosted network range with integrated beam forming technology. The company also has plans to add new apps that will take advantage of Smart Wi-Fi ability for remote access storage connected to the router as well.

One such program, dubbed “FileFinch” that is being considered is excellent for business uses since it sets up a customized cloud storage solution based on the user’s hardware. By simply connecting a flash or hard drive to the Smart Wi-Fi router, users simply click to link accounts. Once that’s done they can access files from any location.

Cisco has planned to roll out the new Linksys Smart Wi-Fi routers later this spring along with new software and Smart Wi-Fe mobile apps.  Cisco’s plan for the putting the new smart routers on the market are being done in hopes of recovering some of the loss in market shares for the Linksys brand in recent years.  Hopefully the addition of new features and the addition of the cloud-based solution will indeed help the almost jettisoned company.

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  1. Nick says:

    I love all Cisco products especially Linksys routers. I really like the innovation they put into their products and the quality is always good! I would never exchange mu Cisco products for any brands.

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