Long Time Fox Show Moves to Spike TV

Long Time Fox Show Moves to Spike TV

Long time FOX program Cops will be moving networks after 25 seasons. Kevin Kay, the President of cable network Spike TV, announced that the show would be arriving on the network in September with new episodes. It was also mentioned that it would stay in its coveted Saturday at 8PM slot it has held on to since 1989.

Spike TV will also get some of Cops’ library of 900 episodes. Expect for Spike to use these older episodes in the same way that G4 and TruTV aired them.

Series creator John Langley said this of the move to Spike, “After 25 seasons with FOX, we are delighted to find out new home with the Spike family where we previously aired Undercover Stings.” Langley added, “And we are doubly pleased that our Cops timeslot remains Saturday night for our fans. It may be bold to say, but we are looking for yet another record-breaking run with Spike!”

In the summer of 2011, another of FOX’s trifecta left over from the late 1980s—America’s Most Wanted—was cancelled, but later moved to Lifetime. This leaves only The Simpsons on FOX. For over a decade, but AMW and Cops held down FOX’s primetime slot running from 8/7 Central with America’s Most Wanted surviving cancellation thanks to public, law enforcement, and government outcry for the show to return back in 1996. Together, the two shows put stable ratings for the network in that timeslot.

The 90s also saw Cops become a part of pop culture in parodies, clone shows, its own “uncensored” VHS collection, and more.

At the moment, its unknown what shows Cops will share Saturday nights with or whether it will be shown in a mini-marathon leading into the new episode. The network tends to have a ratings ceiling that has only been broken by UFC special events, The Ultimate Fighter, and IMPACT Wrestling/TNA Wrestling and is currently established by IMPACT Wrestling. It will be interesting to see how Cops manages to perform on Spike TV.

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