Look Back Sees Millions of Users For Facebook 10th Anniversary

Look Back Sees Millions of Users For Facebook 10th Anniversary


Facebook’s 10th anniversary so far has been punctuated with “Look Back” this week. It allows for users to video and share a one minute video montage from the users’ most liked posts, shared moments and pictures from Facebook.

At the moment, the main downside to Look Back is that it is only available in a few languages—English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish, and Indonesian. If users wish to use Look Back, they will have to set their accounts to one of those languages.

Users who haven’t been on Facebook long or who aren’t as active won’t see a video since users will need to have been on Facebook for a significant amount of time to have posted a good amount of photos, comments, and so on for Look Back to draw from.

In discussing Look Back on Wednesday, Facebook noted that it has been extremely successful with “hundreds of millions of movies were rendered and have been rolling out since yesterday.”

Facebook have also stated, “This is a small gesture to thank the over one billion people who are on Facebook by providing a unique way to look back at some of their biggest moments.”

For those able to access their Look Back, the feature will be available for the rest of February. If users wish to hold on to their video, they’ll need to share them in the Timeline.

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