Mad Catz Announces Android-Powered Video Game Console

Mad Catz Announces Android-Powered Video Game Console

Mad Catz will be entering the Android console market with what is being called “Project M.O.J.O” The “micro console” was mentioned by CEO Darren Richardson in an earnings call. He described as “a supercharged smartphone without a display”. It was also mentioned that it would be open platform and focus on hardware performance. Basically we’re talking about a Mad Catz-branded Ouya or Gamestick here.

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Possibly being connected to Tegra Zone means that it will come with plenty of games out of the box and it’s expected that Project M.O.J.O could be a huge part of their GameSmart line of products. No scheduled release date was announced during the earnings call, but details will most likely hit at E3 next week.

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Mad Catz is well-known manufacturer of expensive, high performance controllers, game wheels, headsets, and so on.

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