Mancini : All Clubs are Interested in Recruiting Van Persie

Italian coach Roberto Mancini expressed the interest of his team Manchester City in recruiting Van Persie , but he mentioned that they have not reached to final agreement with Arsenal’s current striker . Number of clubs expressed their interest in his services, based on his desire to not renew his contract with his current team .

Mancini believes Arsenal will try hard to renew his contract , the Dutch, who scored 32 goals in the matches played for the “Gunners” in this season, “We are interested in all good players . This is normal and does not only apply to us . I think that all the good clubs are interested in Van Persie. ” Mancini said .

“I think Van Persie is currently one of the best strikers in Europe, along with Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Aguero and Mario Balotelli . I think he is an amazing striker, but he probably will remain at Arsenal.” He continued .

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