Megaupload Founder Could Sue Over Two-Step Authentication

Megaupload Founder Could Sue Over Two-Step Authentication

Here’s a bit of legal news to close out the work week.

Megaupload and Mega founder Kim Dotcom mentioned on Twitter that he would look into suing several companies using two-step authentication which he said that he holds the patent for. He went on to show a patent for process as proof stating that it was filed in 1998 and awarded in 2000. One such site using two-step authentication now is the site he broke mention of the potential suit—Twitter. The large microblogging site just adapted the process after several high profile account assaults.

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The way two-step authentication works is just as it sounds. It requires a password and then more information—usually not much, but something extra. This assists in cutting off different forms of internet scams—including the aforementioned account assaults. Other sites on the chopping block could include Google and Paypal who also use two-step authentication.

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The reason for the potential lawsuit is that Kim Dotcom’s money wells are dried out and his legal fees are in the area of $50 million. U.S authorities froze his assets and stated that he made $175 million from Megaload which allowed for filesharing, but has been used for other things such as distributing music and movies—the cause for the situation he’s found himself in now.

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