Messi : I Don’t Want to Leave Barcelona at All

Lionel Messi , the striker of Barcelona , wants to spend the rest of his career in football with the champion of Europe , where it is believed his current team is the best formations throughout the history of the club at all .

Messi said in an interview with Sky Sports News will be broadcast on Saturday , “The truth is that my plan is staying in Barcelona and spent the rest of my career here .”

“As alway s, I say no one can know what will happen in the future , but if it was up to me I will decide to stay at Barcelona until the end of my career .” He added .

Messi believes he had not ever seen any other football team better than the current Barca . “I did not watch the great teams that other people are talking about .” He said , “This is mainly due to my age as I am not that old so I did not had the chance to see these teams the great complexity of comparisons between us and them .”

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