Behold Microsoft’s Xbox One Adaptive Controller

Behold Microsoft's Xbox One Adaptive Controller

Microsoft is constantly working on making Xbox gaming accessible to as many as possible. It has probably reached the peak of that goal with the Adaptive Controller for Xbox One and Windows.

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The Adaptive Controller looks as though there is a lot going on but it was made with a wide range of disabilities in mind. Most noticeable are the two big buttons and 19 jacks for a number of controllers and joysticks. Also, Nintendo fans might recognize an attachment that looks similar to the nunchuck that often accompanied the Wiimote on the Wii console. On top of that, the controller is remappable.

Behold Microsoft's Xbox One Adaptive Controller

Depending on how someone would use the Adaptive Controller–whether to play with their hands or feet for instance–it will meet their needs. It’s a really amazing piece of hardware considering most controllers have kept the same general form and function introduced in the late 70s and early 80s.

Microsoft Store learning specialist Solomon Romney discussed the usefulness of the Adaptive Controller. “If I want to play a game entirely with my feet, I can. I can make the controls fit my body, my desires, and I can change them anytime I want,” he said.”You plug in whatever you want and go. It takes virtually no time to set it up and use it. It could not be simpler.”

How much of a help or hindrance the Adaptive Controller will likely depend on the genre since some genres require more reflexes and response time than others. Of course, you can bet someone will find a way to make the controller work despite the experience genre.

The Adaptive Controller will go sale later in the year for $100 and could be formally revealed at E3 next month.

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