Microsoft and Cisco Duel Over Purchase of Skype

Microsoft and Cisco Duel Over Purchase of Skype

Microsoft is in the sights of Cisco Systems Inc. as they are taken to Europe’s second highest court in a attempt to have its European approval in the purchase of Skype overturned. The terms of war here is that if Cisco wins, the European Commission’s decision will be null and void. It’s a huge task to undertake and a lot to ask considering that the last time the Commission’s approval was challenged—and resulted in an annulment—was 2002 in the case of Sony Music and BMG.

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This is an issue for Cisco since Microsoft didn’t make any concessions and the $8.5 billion deal gave them dominant footing within communications. With the pull the union has, Microsoft can refuse and provide data, giving rival companies a leg up in using union’s products. What Cisco Systems and Italian internet phone and landline provider Messagenet SpA are running with here is that the Commission supposedly made “manifest errors” in regards to the deal.

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Whenever a decision is reached in Europe’s general court it can be appealed to the European Court of Justice, the court of all courts in Europe.

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