Microsoft Announces Windows 10, Due Out Late Next Year

Microsoft Announces Windows 10, Due Out Late Next Year

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Mark the today’s date of Tuesday, September 30, 2014. It was today that Microsoft announced the next in a long line of Windows. The Threshold codename mask was shed and Windows 10 took the stage! Yes, you read that correctly, the next windows—after Windows 8—will be Windows 10.

Windows 9: So Good That Microsoft Skipped It

As expected for these kinds of large events with a lot to promote, Microsoft really hyped Windows 10 as “the operating system” instead of just “a brand new operating system.” It would accurate to say that Windows 10 is The One Ring of the Windows OS as it will be applicable across different hardcore platforms. This means apps crafted for Windows 10 can be used on any computer with the OS regardless of the input method or monitor size.

Also a focus point was accessibility. In the presentation, Microsoft VP Joe Belfiore touched on a good number of users still using Windows 7 and simply not taking to Windows 8 and that one of Microsoft’s goals includes a smooth transition for those users. Unlike the transition from Windows XP and Windows 7 to Windows 8, the transition could be fast and smooth.

As for the features with Windows 10; Live Tiles can be resized, command prompt allows for pasting, and the classic Start Menu and Metro’s Start screen have been merged. Most interesting is that there’s a new “task view” feature that allows for very flexible multitasking. It allows for users to have multiple desktops for different situations. The flexibility here also includes moving apps between desktops.

Microsoft Will Bring Back WinHEC Showcase In 2015

Charms bar will be sticking around as part of the transition for users from Windows 8 to Windows 10. The major improvement here is with Continuum mode that allows for smoother transition when using portable/combination devices such as laptops and tablets.

The reason for skipping over Windows 9 was never actually given. There was a good deal of positive buzz around the OS within Microsoft’s development circles last spring. It’s even been said that the OS was so good that it was put in the vault.

It raises the question of “Why would you put this OS that is so much better than Windows 8 in the vault?” With the perfectionist approach Microsoft is taking in regards to its products, releasing an OS that wouldn’t really push them to improve upon it come Windows 11 (or Windows 12) wouldn’t be very challenging to the developers.

Windows 10’s “Insider Program” hits tomorrow and will allow for hardcore users to test the OS and leave feedback. Essentially, these users will get to help improve the OS and weed out problems before it hits the shelves. Microsoft didn’t give a definite release date, but Windows 10 is expected to be out in late 2015.

SOURCE: The Verge

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