Microsoft Closes Down Game Developer Lionhead Studios

Microsoft Closes Down Game Developer Lionhead Studios

It’s not unusual to hear of a studio closing down when a parent company needs to streamline things. Lionhead Studios, the developer of the popular Fable series for PC and Xbox console will be packing it in. Lionhead Studios was established in 1996 by industry legend Peter Molyneux and scooped up by Microsoft after the release of the first Fable game.

Microsoft announced the end of the studio via Polygon and that it would be assisting with finding future employment within the company or within the gaming industry. “All employees have been provided with the option of assistance on internal job search and placement or external job search support,” Microsoft said.

The company will be assisting employees for a year it seems. Plenty of things could happen in that time: employees could find new homes, new studios could be founded, some could remain within Microsoft in different studios, roughly anything. It will be interesting to see what becomes of Fable, if Microsoft simply moves the series to another studio or if its done for now.

Also remember Lionhead could always return years down the line in the same fashion as Sierra’s revival by Activision Blizzard.

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