Microsoft Commits To March/September Schedule For Major Windows 10 Updates

Microsoft Commits To March/September Schedule For Major Windows 10 Updates

It’s known that Microsoft has major updates planned for Windows 10 this year with September being the next window for the operating system. The company recently announced that it would run with a bi-annual feature update schedule with March and September being the months you can expect something new for your Windows 10.

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With this announcement, it looks as though Microsoft is married to Windows 10 for some time. That isn’t to say there won’t be successors to 10, but the company did say it would support each feature for 18 months.

While not the most groundbreaking announcement for Microsoft or Windows 10, it does give fans of the OS a frame to expect updates. This begs the question “Do we really need concrete release windows for updates to an OS?”

Personally, I believe it depends on the magnitude of the feature and how many will come in within a major update wave. Four major OS-improving features? Three major features and some minor ones? Sure. One or two major updates or a bunch of minor updates? That could be released whenever during the year unless the OS is just a mess to use.

As for something to actually bite on for the new features, Microsoft’s Build conference is expected to showcase some Windows 10’s new tricks via the Redstone 3 project that Windows Insiders are putting through its paces. In the future, you can expect design updates in the big update later in the year.

Those aside, minor updates will likely continue to come out whenever and aren’t held to the firm schedules as the heavy hitting functionality changing features.

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