Microsoft Courts Users With Updated Service Agreement

Microsoft Slims Down Their Service Agreement For Easier Interpretation

Since internet immemorial, the Terms of Service has been a near endless wall of text. The smaller the scroll bar was, the more you knew you had to read. Most of us just scroll through and click “Agree” to get it over with. Some actually read the thing and for the bulk of it, nothing really differs across services outside a few service specific things. 

Microsoft isn’t really doing anything new with their updated Microsoft Service Agreement. They’re cutting out a good deal of the legal bloat and focusing more on the user and less on the company’s ability–this takes it from necessary and tedious to necessary and tolerable. The focus is to explain what the company is shooting for in terms of privacy, transparency, and simplicity and the terminology makes use of “your” through out. With less legalese, the Terms of Service also reads more fluidly in general.


The changes will be available through the Microsoft family of services July 31.

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