Microsoft Is Suing The DOJ Over Secrecy Orders

Microsoft Is Suing The DOJ Over Secrecy Orders

Microsoft is butting heads with the Department of Justice over user privacy and transparency, according to The Verge. The Redmond-based company claims that the DOJ has been forcing it not to tell users when their cloud data has been searched by law enforcement.

The company said that the Electronic Communications Privacy Act’s Section 2705(b) gives the government too much reach in investigating private information and material and having these searches kept under wraps. Microsoft said that it saw over 5,600 requests for information and some 2,600 secrecy orders while pursuing warrants over an 18 month period.

Following Apple’s showdown with the FBI that ran late last year to this year, this was a likely outcome following several major tech companies agreeing to assist the U.S government when it came to access to users’ personal information and accounts. These issues arose in the wake of major transparency concerns with the Snowden revelations.

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