Microsoft Will Launch Fitness-Based Smartwatch In A Few Weeks

Microsoft Will Launch Fitness-Based Smartwatch In A Few Weeks

Microsoft plans to launch its unnamed smartwatch in a few weeks. With features focused more on health and fitness, the smartband should be out sometime prior to the holiday shopping season.

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This smartband will be Microsoft’s second entry into the wearables game. Back in 2004, Microsoft presented a smartband called SPOT that could do a number of basic functions such as IM, FM radio news and weather. Any information that could be immediately digested was at the wearer’s wrists/fingertips.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a huge demand for the device at the time and it never truly caught on.

Microsoft’s fitness smartwatch will track health and exercise stats such as heart rate, calories burned and steps. The band is has support for Android OS, iOS, and Windows Phone so there will be different apps for each system.

With the announcement that it will be entering the market soon, Microsoft’s smartwatch is looking at a little brand name competition with the Apple Watch looking at a 2015 release and the Samsung Gear 2 out now.

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