Microsoft Opens Fifth Avenue Flagship Store

Microsoft Opens Fifth Avenue Flagship Store

Microsoft opened the doors to its flagship store based in—you guessed it—New York City. The Fifth Avenue store will see a lot of action not only because of its location, but also because it opened at a time when there’s a lot going on with Microsoft at the moment.

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So what does Microsoft have going on within this period for the Fifth Avenue Microsoft Store? Several products in the Surface family of products launched and there was the release of the heavily promoted Halo 5 on Xbox One. While the launch of the game alone isn’t necessarily enough to have droves of Halo fans head to company’s store, there’s certain to be more promotional goodies to draw them in for the midnight launch.

The store takes up five floors of the building, but three of them are for shoppers. Floors one and two are where customers will find mostly Microsoft wares and services: Surface and Xbox stuff in addition to devices from other manufacturers that run on Windows.

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The second floor features the Answer Desk for assistance and a theater which can be used for different events. Since it’s one of the floors opened to the public, those events can run the gamut from training, local events, and most likely media events due to the large screens available. There are a few events planned throughout a week including its Build an App in an Hour workshops.

The third floor presents “The Dell Experience at the Microsoft Store.” As the name suggests, customers will find plenty of Dell PCs and laptops running Windows 10 in its purest form: free of all the extra software. Also featured will be Alienware hardware.

Overall, if you’ve been in a Samsung store, an Apple Store, or even a regular Microsoft Store you’re basically getting the “Super” version of that with the flagship store given that there’s a lot more going on here with several floors and a larger variety. Will it drastically change your shopping experience? If you’re just constantly in Microsoft Stores looking for something, then yes. If not or if you’re new to shopping for a PC then it could be a great first experience.

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