Microsoft Plans To Bring Cortana To Android and iOS

Microsoft Plans To Bring Cortana To Android and iOS

If you’re a fan of both Cortana and Android or iOS then you’re in luck! While the big news surrounding Cortana has been its implementation with the rest of Windows 10’s announced features, Microsoft has plans bubbling to bring the popular digital assistant to Android and iOS as an app. Currently the company is busy forging Cortana for its upcoming Windows 10 OS which is scheduled for release later in the year.

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Managing director of Microsoft Research, Eric Horvitz discussed the bigger plans for Cortana with Reuters. While the commercial and enterprise uses of Cortana have been announced, he touched on the company’s development of AI project and advanced version of Cortana called Einstein. It’s expected that Einstein would be able to analyze and perform much more complex tasks than Cortana will be able to do when Windows 10 hits.

As for immediate future, Microsoft hasn’t given an exact window of when everyone will be able to have Cortana assist them on their non-Windows devices. That said, with the rate Microsoft has refocused itself on powerful software and having a finger in every pot—or device in this case—it shouldn’t be too long.

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