Microsoft To Announce Windows 9 Next Month

Microsoft To Announce Windows 9 Next Month

Next month is when Microsoft plans to pull back the curtain on “Threshold.” The unveiling will take place during a September 30th press conference with “Threshold” believed to be the codename for Windows 9.

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A preview of “Threshold” will be released to developers sometime after the September 30th press conference. Microsoft have been developing Windows 9 for some time and are rumored to be extremely optimistic about how the OS is coming along. Of course when developing any product a team is expected to be optimistic about it. While the full version of “Threshold” is the main event of the press conference, Microsoft is also working on a version for Windows RT and Windows Phone and will be mentioned at the event.

The features that the team working on Windows 9 was excited about mostly fall under within the user interface realm. The enthusiasm about the UI makes a good deal of sense given that Windows 8’s UI was one the primary issues that split the Windows user base early on.

The press conference will detail the major features of the OS, so don’t expect Microsoft to actually name the OS until it’s ready for retail. That said, things seem to be moving along extremely well for Microsoft with this new OS and could mark a turnaround for the company as its now focusing more on software and core products.

SOURCE: The Verge

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