Microsoft Unveils Xbox ONE

Microsoft Unveils Xbox ONE

Today Microsoft threw back the curtain and showed the world their new console, the third in a line of Xboxes, a sable colored, sleek console known as—the Xbox ONE. The name alone means two things. One, we can stop calling it “Xbox 720” and “Xbox Durango” and two; we’ll have to call the original Xbox “Xbox” or “original Xbox”. Now let’s get on to the actual meat of this beast.

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The Xbox ONE will have a Blue-ray and DVD drive. There will also be Skype on the Xbox One given that Microsoft owns it now. Kinect—which comes with the console—will have a 1080p HD resolution camera and will play a big part in how the console operates.


Compared to how it worked before, Kinect is more of an important peripheral this time around. It will give the Xbox ONE the ability to pay attention to body movements and allow for the player to control game characters and go through entertainment selections.

With Skype, Kinect allows for video conferencing/chatting. The console also allows players to record gameplay. Not only that, but gameplay footage can be edited and uploaded online. This could allow for a kind of free advertising through gameplay for Microsoft and the Xbox ONE.

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As mentioned in yesterday’s preview of sorts, the games that will come out at launch will determine if this is worth getting during the launch window or waiting six months to a year down the line. It has been announced that there would be 15 titles in the first year from Microsoft with eight of them being new titles. As this is a console new console, the expected sports title will be in effect. There will mostly be titles from EA Sports in Madden 25, NBA Live 14, FIFA 14, and a UFC title using their new Ignite engine. There will also be quite a few racing games with Microsoft’s own Forza Motorsport 5 being released at launch.

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Also mentioned was that Microsoft’s 343 Studios would feature a live action Halo TV series with Steven Spielberg onboard. With Microsoft releasing details of its Xbox ONE, it looks like Sony will have to reveal more on the PlayStation 4—expect this at E3.

Xbox Live

New editions includes over 300,000 servers and all content—games, movies, saves, music, etc.—being stored online via cloud storage. These can be accessed at any time as well.


The Xbox ONE’s name comes from it being an all-in-one entertainment hub. The Xbox 360 first embraced this with a series of apps that touched on music, movies, some UFC fights, and watching shows and online features. Xbox ONE will allow you to do all of this and more. The NFL will even be broadcasting on the new Microsoft console.

From what you’ve heard so far, do you believe the Xbox ONE will be a winner? Will you hold out for PS4 to make a big splash or will you stick with the Wii U?

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