Microsoft Veteran Satya Nadella Announced as CEO

Microsoft Veteran Satya Nadella Announced as CEO

Earlier today Microsoft announced that 46-year old Satya Nadella would be CEO. With 22 years under his belt, Nadella serves as only the third CEO in the company’s history. His background is much more similar to Microsoft founder Bill Gates who was also a hands-on programmer with the company as opposed to his predecessor Steve Ballmer who came from sales.

Meanwhile Bill Gates will move from chairman to technology advisor. This means that Gates will have a more hands on, involved role in Microsoft’s ongoing projects. Moving into the chairman role is John Thompson, who served as the company’s lead independent director.

One of Nadella’s main achievements within Microsoft was pushing the company to cloud technology. In an interview on YouTube Nadella acknowledges that the technological landscape has moved towards digital saying, “Going forward, it’s a mobile-first, cloud-first world. In other words, everything is becoming digital and software-driven. I think of the opportunities being unbounded.”

Gates was also featured in the video and said, “I’m thrilled that Satya has asked me to step up, substantially increasing the time that I spend at the company. I’ll have over a third of my time available to meet with product groups.”

Now at the helm of Microsoft, there’s plenty of work to be done. The company needs to increase its place in mobile which is dominated by Google and Apple, make Windows 8 appealing, make the Xbox brand more global than Western-centric, and of course cut or make drastic improvements to services that aren’t working.

You can check out Satya Nadella’s first interview as CEO below.

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