Microsoft Has Several Announcements For Gamescom Next Month

Microsoft Has Several Announcements For Gamescom Next Month

Microsoft is planning to announce some new Xbox One hardware and accessories at Gamescom on August 21st. There are also plans to show off new features. There will be a live stream of the event for those of us who interested in what the company has planned for its growing gaming business.

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The company kept this very vague so that we will have to check out its Gamescom live stream. Expected but clever. If Microsoft gave away all the details without a press conference or way before a major trade show, why bother watching anything unless the company definitely had something to showcase.

At E3 this year, Microsoft announced a ton of news. So we could see something in the way of development progress on the first-party titles at most and at minimum a new controller (all signs point to a new Xbox Elite controller) or information on the company’s new game streaming approach.

We’ll simply have to wait until next month for whatever Microsoft has up its sleeves.

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