Millions of Iranians Celebrate Shab-e Yalda (شب یلدا‎) with their Families

Millions of Iranians Celebrate Shab-e Yalda (شب یلدا‎) with their Families

Tonight Iranians will celebrate the longest night of the year named Shab-e Yalda, which means Yalda Night. People usually send text messages to congratulate the arrival of this night to their friends and relatives. On Yalda Night, families gather at the house of parents or grandparents to spend the night eating delicious foods, nuts, fruits and reading Hafez poems. During Yalda Night, fruits such as watermelon and pomegranates and nuts like pistachio, almond, walnut and dried seeds are usually served.

However in this year, many Iranians won’t celebrate the night as they did in past years. Reza Rashidpour, a famous public figure and former TV presenter in Iran, has posted a message in his Facebook account to express his solidarity with the survivors of the recent incident happened in an elementary school in Piranshahr.

Hamid Reza Estili, the former player of Team Melli, has also visited the quake-hit region of Varzaqan to share his happiness with children and families there. The mayor of Rasht has also urged wealthy people to donate some money to poor families in order to bring mirth to their houses.

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