Mississippi Attorneys General Critizes Google On User Protection


Mississippi Attorneys General Jim Hood (D) has written an 11-page letter to Kent Walker, general counsel for Google. Hood heads up the intellectual property wing of the National Association of Attorneys General.

The letter is essentially Hood venting about Google not cooperating or engaging the Association at a meeting where their presence was requested to discuss the issues weighing on Hood about internet safety and property protection. It was written in response to a letter from an outside counsel for Google.

Everything stems from a prior letter to Google about its inaction in protecting users from “predator conduct” as well as ads that allow for the sale of black market goods and services such as drugs, sex trafficking, etc. It also touches on issues with piracy and Google benefiting monetarily from ads.

He gave Google a bit of credit as he cited that the tech giant has taken steps to screen and block criminal-related content—then snatched that credit away in the same sentence stating, “Google can and does take action against unlawful or offensive conduct—when Google determines it is in its business interests to do so.”

Not one to take a clubbing to their public name, Google issued a statement saying that their active users “care deeply about their safety and security—and so does Google. It’s why we’ve invested tens of millions of dollars in cutting edge technology to fight bad actors online.”

As he has done before, Hood has listed a number of steps for Google to take which he feels would make the internet less predatory. These steps include taking the search spotlight off of “rogue sites” that spread pirated material and directing users to legit sites.

Last year Google apparently axed some 57 million pages and killed ads for some 46,000 sites violating the site’s copyright rules.

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