Mammoth Car: Telsa Continues Raking In Large Preorder Numbers

The Model 3 Continues Racking Up Large Preorder Numbers

No, Tesla didn’t announce that you could purchase the car destroying car-trailer truck-beast-tank-hybrid from the old Speed Racer anime, it’s Model 3. It looks as though a ton of people want to this car as the company has seen around 325,000 in preorders so far.

Preorders are a refundable $1,000 down with a two car maximum. At the moment the Model 3 has pulled in around $325 million with a potential $14 billion in sales at launch. While the number in preorders is extremely impressive, also impressive is that the company pulled those same preorders with little to no hype or advertising prior to the announcement.

The Model 3 points to Tesla’s most successful release—if there isn’t a mass refunding of down payments. CEO Elon Musk is certain the Model 3 will hit 500,000 preorders before the rest of the unveiling. We’ll have to see if Tesla will be able to meet the huge production demands that Model 3 hype has hoisted onto the company.

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