Mohamed Morsi’s Family To Go After Egyptian Army Legally, Says He Was Kidnapped

Mohamed Morsi's Family To Go After Egyptian Army Legally, Says He Was Kidnapped


Former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi’s family spoke out against the army saying that they kidnapped the ousted leader. His daughter, Shaimaa Morsi, led the press conference in Cairo and said that the family would be legally pursuing the Egyptian army and that the military will be responsible for Morsi’s safety. So far, former President Morsi hasn’t been seen since the July 3 ousting and is reportedly being held in a secret location. Morsi has yet to be charged with a crime.

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Shaimaa Morsi stated that the family would be “taking local and international legal measures against Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, the leader of the bloody military coup, and his putschist group.” It was also said that they were going to the International Criminal Court for an investigation leading up to the ouster. Osama Morsi added, “What is going on is a violation of human rights and a scandal in every sense of the word.” Following the ouster and the arrests, the U.S and other countries have called for Morsi to be released saying that it was not the best course of action could inflame situations in the country at the moment.

Pro-Morsi supporters and the Muslim Brotherhood have actively refused to acknowledge the new interim government and have been protesting in Cairo. They’ve also gone as far as to refuse to participate in the government when offered a chance to do so.

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