Morsi Being Held In Hiding, Pro-Morsi Protests Continue

Morsi Being Held In Hiding, Pro-Morsi Protests Continue

The protests in Egypt continue to rage as the story turns to the Morsi supporters. Days ago, over 50 Morsi and more injured during an altercation at the Republican Guard where Muslim Brotherhood members were based and the Army was stationed to ensure they didn’t go anywhere. Now the U.S has involved itself in the matters of Egypt by sending weapons to the country’s armed forces.

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The decision to do so has been met with mixed reactions and varying degrees of support. Despite this, there has been a degree of satisfaction in the armed forces’ intent to return the country to something resembling democracy—this being after concerns of the military tossing Morsi out in the first place and installing its own interim officials. According to the White House and State Department, the general feeling is that it wouldn’t be in the country’s best interests to cut off aid to Egypt.

As expected, the Muslim Brotherhood refuses to acknowledge the ousting of Mohamed Morsi which brought Cairo to its current situation. Recently, the Brotherhood has accused the armed forces of killing and injuring pro-Morsi supporters who were in peaceful protest while the armed forces say that they were met with physical resistance. Meanwhile, Mohamed Morsi and a couple of top tier aides are being held although their exact location is unknown at the moment or has he been formally charged with anything.
On top of this, there have been warrants laid down for many, many other members of the Muslim Brotherhood, affiliates, supporters, and even the spiritual leader. The spiritual leader and several other senior officials in the group were charged with instigating violence that led to Monday violence and 50-plus Morsi supporters being killed and others wounded. In short, the authorities are trying to corral in the top tier of the Muslim Brotherhood perhaps in hopes to keep the voice or the influencing part of the group away from the public or reaching out to public to defuse hostilities.

The White House has been adamantly against the hunting of pro-Morsi faction supporters which would serve to only flame hostilities and incite violence by putting them in the role of martyrs. The Muslim Brotherhood issued a statement this week saying that they will “continue our peaceful resistance to the bloody military coup against constitutional legitimacy, we trust that the peaceful and popular will of the people shall triumph over force and oppression.”

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