Mozilla Leaves Entry Level Smartphone Arena

Mozilla Leaves Entry Level Smartphone Arena

Mozilla is ditching Firefox OS mobile development. It had been suspected for some time that the company would drop the endeavor before it being confirmed last month with TechCrunch.

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When the OS was announced, the company’s goal was to break into the ultra low-end market which is mainly populated by clones and generic devices using Android variations.

The phones created using Firefox OS were very, very affordable and there was the belief that the smartphone would’ve caught on rapidly in emerging markets. Unfortunately for Firefox OS, Android is at every level of affordability.

There is a bright point to this for Firefox OS fans. Mozilla has said that while it is exiting the mobile arena, the OS isn’t dead. Instead it could find life in other technology applications. On Twitter, senior VP of connected devices Ari Jaaksi pointed to Internet of Things as a definite route for Firefox OS.

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