Nadimi Confirms the Existence of Counterfeit Dollar Bills in Free Market

Nadimi Confirms the Existence of Counterfeit Dollar Bills in Free Market

A few days ago, one of the officials of Iran police warned of the existence of counterfeit U.S. Dollar bills in Tehran. Now Iraj Nadimi, a member of Iran’s Majlis Economic Commission, confirms the reports by saying “all the reports are possible”.

“When it (referring to foreign currency specially Dollar) comes to streets, everything is possible from existence of counterfeit U.S. Dollar bills to frauds and scams.” Iraj Nadimi said. He also criticized people for buying their needed currencies from traders in the sideline of streets.

“People must try to do all their transactions using virtual funds and transfer money using ATMs and Internet banking system. Also there is not any tool and way to check the validity of the bills in streets. So it is possible to see fake U.S. Dollar bills in Tehran’s free market.” Iraj Nadimi continued.

“Iranian government must organize the current currency market. By organizing and systemizing the process, we can decrease the money laundries and street cheats. Banks and certified foreign exchange centers are the best places to buy and sell foreign currencies.” Iraj Nadimi added.

As the Rial Dollar exchange rate is increasing in Iran, reportedly the related crimes have been increased significantly.

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  1. shootme says:

    Pic shows $100.00 dollar bills. whoever wrote the story should confirm what denomination..

    is it $1.00 bills ..??? $5.00 –$20’s

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