Nano sized heli does full sized reconnaissance

Nano sized heli does full sized reconnaissance

Recent press from the United Kingdom says British troops deployed in Afghanistan are getting a boost in their aerial surveillance in a huge way from a pocket sized source. Sources from the United Kingdom’s Defense Ministry say the new high-tech device gives an entirely new meaning to having a bird’s eye view.

Meet the Black Hornet Nano. This micro sized drone weighs in at just less than 16 grams and is only four inches long. While it may seem like a high priced version of   a popular radio controlled toy, this tiny rotary winged craft packs a high resolution camera with pan and zoom function that can stream real time video and still images back to its operator’s tablet computer. Developed by Prox Dynamics of Norway as part of a multi-million dollar contract with Marlborough Communications, LTD of England to produce 160 of the devices, British troops are the first to use the nano sized helicopters.

The pocket sized drone certainly gives members of Britain’s Brigade Reconnaissance Force an advantage for pinpointing insurgent firing points and checking out exposed areas before any troop movement. Users of the nano sized heli say the craft if exceptionally user friendly and can easily fly in windy conditions. The Black Hornet Nano has a range of about 1,000 meters and approximately 30 minutes of flying time. It can be launched in less than a minute and is controlled with a handheld thumb operated joystick.  The powerful little drone also comes with the option of flying preprogrammed search patterns. So far, troops using the Black Hornet Nano seem well pleased with the drone’s performance and deem it quite a success.

While the use of drones, both armed and unarmed, by military forces around the globe are nothing new, there has been almost doubled use in Afghanistan by troops from different countries in the past year. It is hoped that use of this new cutting edge hi-tech pocket sized drone will help to increase troop movement safety by large degrees. So far the device is only being used by Britain’s Reconnaissance Brigade Force units, but may be shared with allies in the not too far off future.

Want one of these tiny sized surveillance drones of your very own? Although the price tag of this tiny high-tech drone will most likely keep it out of your local electronics and spy gadgets store, the possibility of air-borne parent surveillance doesn’t seem to be too far in the distant future.






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